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E-Commerce API Integration

  • Tech stack

    ReactJs, Remix, Firebase, REST API, Headless CMS

  • Project duration

    4 months

  • Team size

    2 team members

  • Industry

    Retail, Software

The client needed a custom e-commerce enterprise solution. Our task was to integrate multiple platforms and services, including ERP, payment mechanisms, a database, and a frontend CMS. Furthermore, a backend implementation was required to facilitate communication among all these services.

The solution to this task involves a custom implementation of backend functions, where API integration between multiple services was implemented. First, we created a project prototype that consisted of a detailed communication schema between services. The second step involved the implementation of functionalities that follow this prototype.

Implementation process took aproximately 4 months and consisted of following multiple schemas and steps in order to integrate smooth communication for backend services that provide communication between ERP, Headless Frontend, Payment mechanisms, Email mechanisms, database and many others.

For the client, the implementation of this solution resulted in several significant benefits, including:

  • Automatical selling his digital products online.
  • Automated process of payment, invoice sending, and data tracking.

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