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IOT Dashboard

  • Tech stack

    Flutter, MySQL, REST API

  • Project duration

    1 month

  • Team size

    2 team members

  • Industry


The client has developed an embedded system that collects data and stores it in a database. They required frontend software to display and visualize the data, as well as to track real-time changes, but only for logged-in users.

For this project, we have provided an Administrator dashboard integrated through an API with the backend and the database. The dashboard allows users to perform basic CRUD operations and, most importantly, provides real-time data visualization of key parameters important to the user.

The natural choice for the tech stack for this project was Flutter. It provides developers with a straightforward means to create and deploy visually appealing, natively compiled applications for mobile (iOS, Android), web, desktop, and even embedded devices, all while utilizing a single codebase.  The implementation phase spanned one month.

The primary benefit for the client from this project is the provision of a clean, real-time presentation of their data, enabling them to easily track key parameters and make informed decisions for their system.

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