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  • Tech stack

    Flutter, Firebase, Google Cloud

  • Project duration

    7 months

  • Team size

    3 team members

  • Industry

    Education, Finances

A private school that offers various courses had been experiencing difficulties in managing attendance, teacher payments, student debts, and scheduling classes manually. Additionally, the school’s management faced challenges in scheduling and sharing teaching materials for large groups of students. They needed a user-friendly software solution that could encompass all of the mentioned functionalities. The solution needed to be accessible to students, teachers, and administrators, and it had to be compatible with Android, iOS, web, and desktop platforms.

Knowlogy is a versatile cross-platform application with support for desktop, Android, web, and iOS. The application boasts a wide array of crucial functionalities, including:

  • User profile management for students, teachers, and technical administrators.
  • Creation and management of courses.
  • Scheduling of classes through Google Calendar integration.
  • Email notifications for course participants.
  • Generation of financial reports for teachers, encompassing salary calculations.
  • Generation of financial reports for students, streamlining the calculation of their monthly course-related debts.
  • Management of course materials, including the sharing of PDFs and videos.

The natural choice for the tech stack for this project was Flutter. It provides developers with a straightforward means to create and deploy visually appealing, natively compiled applications for mobile (iOS, Android), web, desktop, and even embedded devices, all while utilizing a single codebase. Additionally, Flutter seamlessly integrates with Firebase and Google Cloud, making it an ideal choice. The implementation phase spanned from March 2022 to January 2023

For the client, the implementation of this solution resulted in several significant benefits, including:

  • Saving one administrative worker’s position.
  • Elevating the quality of courses and the professionalism of the services offered across various levels.
  • Freeing up teachers’ time by reducing administrative tasks and streamlining material preparation, enabling them to accommodate an additional class per day.

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